Buttonhole Stitch


+ average turnaround time: 7-10 working days

+ the pages lay totally flat which allows for double page spreads

+ however as show on the photos there will be a gap between each signature (that is to say every 12 or 16 pages) and this can have an impact on your artwork (splitting a continuous spreads for instance)

+ the total amount of pages in the book must be a multiple of 12 or 16

+ you can leave the same margins all around the pages for your text and photos with borders. We recommend a minimum of 10mm margins and 3mm bleed all around

+ we work with a card cover (between 320gsm and 540gsm) so it is flexible

+ like all our books, it’s handmade from scratch in our studio



Pages:  please supply the artwork with the correct page count as a high quality print PDF with a minimum of 10mm margins and 3mm bleed all around the pages. No need to include the covers in this PDF, we'll treat the cover separately.  For this method of binding although it will be printed in sections you can just leave the pagination to us and supply your document in single-pages (no spreads!) in the correct running order. See more about preparing artwork for printed pages here.

Foil blocking or Printed covers: simply select this option and we will send you an InDesign cover template once your order is being processed.